Sunday, September 26, 2010

Three is a Charm! Apparently...

Ok, perhaps I’m bored.  The time has slowed down to a sadistic crawl.  The apartment is sublet, storage room is cleaned and closets reorganized.  Jabs are done.  Documents are in order and budget is triple-checked.  (When will I be gone, already?!)

So I moved this blog.  Again.  First Tumblr, then Blogger.  Now WordPress.  I promise, this time it’s for good.  8 more days and I’ll be forced to do more traveling than travel blogging.  But for now - just bare with me.  And re-subscribe.  Or re-bookmark.  Or re-tell me to go to hell - do whatever you gotta do.

Here goes:

Oh, yes, new title…  Exploiting my gender and size now.  Nothing’s sacred anymore.

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